Nicole Trunfio for Veoir Magazine

I was pleased to get to shoot my dear friend Nicole (model, Musician, Designer) for Veoir magazine’s first issue. Veoir is a new magazine started by friend.. and up and coming talented photographer William Lords and his lovely girlfriend Kristel. The small feature was a nice article and interview about Nicole and her new jewelry line veoir magazine Trunfio Jewelry

Swizz Beatz

The other day I got a request from my friends across the pond at Farfetch (which is an awesome website to shop on for high end goods) to shoot Swizz Beatz Swizz was awesome to work with and to hang out with. When shooting a man like Swizz.. the beauty is you don’t really have to DJ the shoot.. Swizz definitely had that on lock. Thanks for that and for the great portraits Swizz!

Intermix Holiday Catalog

I havent posted anything to my Photodiary in a long long time.. So i’ll post a few recent shoots i’ve done.. I was excited to work with my close friends and collaborators at Starworks Group and Intermix on the Holiday Catalog and campaign. We shot ontop of the W hotel in wall street. The view was amazing!!! here are a few pics. Intermix StarworksGroup

I was born in a time before cell phones…

Yes its true… There was a time which seems to me not too long ago when the cell phone did not exist, let alone “Smart Phones” or even home computers let alone the internet!! Life seemed much more simple then in that analog world.. We had a phone at home. If someone needed to reach you, then you had to be home or your trusty tape answering machine would take a message and we would try to reach you back when we were home… hopefully you were too. Those were also the days of something called the busy signal.. Yes that’s true. the phone only could communicate with one person at a time..

So yes in my 41 (almost 42 years) a lot has changed.. Now is a different time in so many ways. now we are all constantly connected. I almost cannot keep up with all the ways in which we are supposed to keep each other abreast on what we are doing at almost every minute… I suppose i can just post here to my tumblr and have it linked to my facebook, my twitter account, my instagram, my website and my blog (yes i have all of that.. my God!).. so that no matter what portal you look at you can see my every move.

I just come from a different time. A time when i lived life so much more simply. in fact I just lived it (that is all). So it has been an odd and awkward transition for me to accept the ways in which we both live and constantly communicate. It honestly has become somewhat dizzying to me. Hence why i mostly but not completely stopped posting my personal and work life on facebook and reserve my account there so i know my friends’ and family’s birthdays ( If i remember to check it) and to get my regular fix of videos of puppies trying to get down a flight of stairs or the strange friendship between a jaguar and a labrador..

These days i sometimes struggle with the realization that today most people on my feed now use every means possible to promote themselves as a brand. The people i used to know personally have now become a brand unto themselves. In a world where commercialism reigns supreme.. It seems now that so many people that i know, love, respect and admire have turned into a product to be sold to me. It sometimes depresses me that we have all become this (I include myself in this). Sometimes i struggle with it. and sometimes i just think that if i don’t keep up with the times i will become that forgotten antique left in the attic only to be seen by chance if anyone were to go up there (although there is something amazing about that). The term “the squeaky wheel gets the oil” aptly fits here. With everyone always constantly clamoring for attention. “look at me, look what i’ve done” or even “look what I ate for dinner” it is no wonder everyone’s voices seem to be getting louder and louder as if we are in a room with a billion people all talking at the same time.. In order to be heard i suppose we must keep raising our voices and speaking up more and more. I personally liked the time when the world seemed just a bit more quiet.

So, often I just think, “if you can’t beat them.. join them”. So long as i maintain what i consider a certain amount of my integrity. so long as i keep my private life somewhat to myself and so long as i don’t become one of those 1 dimensional people i see so often that constantly inundates us all with their every accomplishment, every meal, personal and work experience i feel like there is a nice balance that can be reached. One where i can share myself with the world and yet keep myself for me and the people that really matter to me. So long as my life is not spent in this internet world and I maintain direct personal relationships with the people that nurture my life and vice versa.

I think i can go on and on about this new world of constant communication. I haven’t even touched upon the effects (both good and bad) this new world has had on the “love of my life”… Photography (and maybe someday i will). I think I simply write this note and maybe or maybe not (undecided as I write) post it to just express (if not just for myself then for anyone else that feels this conflict) of how although l do love and embrace the new way we share and get our information on people we care about and things we are interested in. I also do sometimes miss the simplicity of the way things used to be. When the phone would ring and we would all run to get it from whatever we were doing.. “Hello?” “I’ve got it, It’s for me” and it was someone that we hadn’t heard from in awhile and really looked forward to hearing from and catching up with.

just a random thought as i contemplate posting recent images from the last few months of my work. ps. if you want to see occasional images from my personal life and work (but not too personal and not too much work/ mostly only shot with my iphone/ but until recently.. not always) haha… ridiculous! you can find them on my instagram @marksquires I think those pics are worth checking out. (shamelessInstagramplug)

Jessica White

Not long ago, on the hottest day this summer, Jessica came to the LES to take some pics on my roof.. It was so hot up there we decided to go down onto the street.. Imagine the reaction when she stepped out onto the already sweltering pavement! Here are just a handful of pics from that day

Noam Chomsky for Malibu Magazine

My good friend Jason Rouse from Malibu magazine asked me if I would meet him and his uncle Denis at M.I.T. in Boston on a cold day in January to take a few pics of Noam Chomsky for the current issue.. Not my normal assignment.. but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get to meet one of today’s greatest and most controversial intellectual minds. What ensued was me getting to also sit in on a very intimate closed room interview, in his office, conducted by Denis Rouse.. My mind was blown to say the least..

Gary Clark Jr. for Flatt Magazine

It’s been a long time since I posted to my photodiary/ Tumblr account.. been too busy building my new website.. .. please check it out.. I’m back today with a second installment of Gary Clark Jr.. Gary came by my place to hang out, and take pics for the 4th issue Cover story of the art mag, Flatt Magazine

adam wallace

the other day my good friend Adam came by for a few portraits for his book.. i haven’t been posting much as of late.. but thought to post a few personal pics we did for him.. adam wallace

gary clark jr.

I am happy to add Gary to my photodiary.. The other day i spent some time with Gary during his soundcheck and show at Electric Room.. if you are not familiar with this soulful bluesy rock guitar prodigy… you should click here for your intro to Gary Clark Jr. special thanks, Nur Khan, Brent Hocking, Deleon Tequila

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zoe saldana shot in hollywood

I was so pleased to get a call to go out to LA to shoot Zoe.. I hadn’t seen or worked with her since before her great success as an actress. She was as lovely, sweet, cool & beautiful as i recall. Special thanks to Malibu Magazine & Jason Rouse. thank you to Petra Flannery for styling, Dippin Sauce for retouching, Joann @ Siren Studios, my friends Kenneth, Jamie and Antje and everyone else involved..

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Jo No Fui

Here’s a recent campaign i shot in May for Italian brand Jo No Fui. in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Special thank you to Lorenzo Uras @ L&A Artists, Fashion Editor Marie Chaix @ Art Partner, Model Karolina Babcyzynska@ IMG & of course the people at Jo No Fui

here you can watch the behind the scenes video on Italian

Erin Wasson for Scene

here is another shoot Erin and I did recently for the July issue of Scene Magazine.

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erin wasson for zink cover story

Recently, i was asked to shoot a couple cover stories on my friend Erin Wasson. This one was for Zink magazine. Erin has been a friend for some time.. we used to get to hang out in the dog run together. I was happy to finally work with her. Erin is more than a top model.. she is an acomplished stylist, designer and now has made a jump into acting in the new film, Abraham Lincoln- Vampire Hunter. We did this shoot at my place right before she had to grab her flight to Cannes

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